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Ethics and Politics of CE in Global Health Research: Invite-Only Discussion

Discuss the preperations and outcomes of the September 2016 Ethics and Politics of Community Engagement in Global Health Research conference in Oxford, UK. This group will host pre-workshop discussions as well as the pre-workshop reading and post-workshop follow up. Further details of the event can be found on the event page (click here). If you would like to start a topic or comment on something you have seen on the event page, please do so. This discussion is join by request only. If you had comments on one of the papers and did not have the opportunity to voice them during the session please add them as comments in the relevant topic groups so that they can be taken forward. 

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Engagement with vaccine research (closed group)

This discussion area is for delegates attending the "Trusting, Collaborating and Listening - Engaging Public and Communities with Vaccine Studies" workshop in September and October 2020. Please share your resources, documents and links. Any outstanding questions from the sessions will also be addressed here.

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Engagement at a Distance

In September 2020 Mesh hosted an interactive webinar exploring the possibilities for community engagement with health research when we cannot meet in person. What does it take to develop meaningful and valuable experiences online? What are the important lessons we have all learnt about engagement during the COVID-19 crisis? This group is to support continuing discussion on this topic and to allow for sharing of resources, ideas and projects. Selected unanswered questions from the webinar will also be addressed here


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Hi, I'm working on a project with De Montfort University, about the challenge of public health communications during the pandemic. I'm hoping to bring together practitioners and advocates of community health and ...

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Conversations from the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016)

From 18th to 22nd July 18 000 healthcare professionals, policy makers and social entrepreneurs will convene in Durban, South Africa for AIDS 2016, the 21st annual International AIDS conference. Themed ‘Access Equity Rights Now’, the conference will be focused on providing care to and engage with communities of marginalised people; left behind in the race to provide ART - sex workers, men who have sex with men, young people, and transgender people.   Issues such as tackling stigma and discrimination and providing support for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) will be a priority at the conference and this group will serve as a location to host further discussion around some of the topics that feature.


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Hi Agnes, We ensure that our facilitation is bespoke to each group. This means that there will always be a split between the amount of time the facilitators spend actively educating their ...

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Connectors Workshops

This group is for continuing the discussion, sharing relevant links and materials and meeting others from the Connectors 2021 series of workshops. Sign up to Mesh to join the group


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Sorry, reposting with the right links.

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