New on Mesh

This month we have uploaded three documents that will be useful for people who are new to the idea of community engagement and trying to get their head around this broad subject area...perhaps even design a project. 

Health Exchange: Engaging Communities with Health Research
A series of easy to read articles demonstrating the breadth of projects, purposes and activities engagement can encompass.

Community Engagement Under the Microscope: Workshop Report 
A report documenting conversations at a Wellcome Trust workshop which aimed to understand the variety of motivations for community engagement and the forms that it can take. 

Community Planning Toolkit
This toolkit has a number of resources to support practitioners in thinking through the design of a community engagement project including some of the collaborative decision making tools you might like to use.

Visit our project reportspublished literature, and practical guides and tools to see more.

News from the Field 

Engage 2017: Exploring Collaboration (Conference, UK)Registration Now Open
The Engage conference, held in Bristol, UK, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th December 2017, will explore collaborations in public and community engagement. The call for contributions to the conference is now closed however registration is now open until the 24th November. 

Digital Storytelling in Public Health Webinar Series
 This five part webinar series is designed to introduce people to some of the tools, strategies and ethical considerations in using digital storytelling for public health and public health research.
Cost: $75 per session, $300 for whole series
Start Date: 11th October 2017

Call for Governments of Latin America to Support Science Communication and Engagement Work
Attendees of RedPop (a network of science communicators across Latin American) plea to the governments of Latin America to support work in science communication instead of cutting funding for science and technology. (Article in Spanish.) 

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