Image: Participants of the 2017 Wellcome International Engagement Workshop.

Taking it to the Next Level: How can we generate leadership and develop practice in engagement?

This year’s workshop will focus on how the field of engagement can be developed through strong leadership and evolving capacity. The workshop will explore different strategies, roles and types of leadership within engagement and look at the successes and challenges faced by the international engagement network.

This page brings together a collection of resources that will be useful before, during and after the workshop. The Pre-Reading page brings together a collection of materials that discuss and address the themes of the workshop (capacity building and leadership) as well as other topics that may arise during sessions at the workshop (such as Human Infection Studies). The Blog page will go live during the workshop, and will be a space for workshop participants to discuss sessions and ideas that emerge over the course of the three days. The Report will be uploaded after the workshop, and will draw together the main themes and discussions of the workshop. Click on the links below to access these materials. 

Please note that this workshop is invite-only. If you are interested in capacity building and leadership in engagement, we will be sharing content from the sessions on Mesh after the workshop, for everyone to access. Look out for this towards the end of this year.

The 2017 Wellcome International Engagement Workshop explored the theme of complexity in modern science and the challenges it raises when engaging communities with health research. Click here to read the report for 2017: ‘It’s complicated: Navigating scientific complexity in public and community engagement’.


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