Curated resources on key considerations and topics in the field of engagement

GPP in COVID-19 Research

Find information on how to apply Good Participatory Practices effectively in COVID-19 or other rapid research studies

Connectors in Engagement

Join workshops and find materials that explore and support interdisciplinary collaboration in creative engagement

Engagement with Vaccine Studies

Explore videos and guides on engagement in vaccine research and development, across issues including trust, collaboration and listening to communities

School Engagement

Learn more about working with school teachers and students, and browse case studies and guides by approach or engagement method

Epidemic Preparedness & Response

Discover resources and learning about community and public engagement within an epidemic situation


See a list of journals which publish papers related to community or public engagement with health research


Find guides and articles on monitoring and evaluation methods for community engagement work


The Malariaworld exhibition was developed in conjunction with World Malaria Day 2024 to raise awareness of malaria and malaria research

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