Mesh themes are chosen and developed by the Mesh community. A theme is decided upon either because there is an abundance resources on that subject that needs to mapped, because there is much discussion needed around that theme or because it is felt there are gaps in the knowledge in a certain area and reviewing it could help solve this.

Once a member of the community identifies a theme and it is agreed to be important members are asked to mine resources which Mesh will then map and upload in a dedicated month, as well as hosting discussions, writing succinct introductions and identifying training opportunities in that area. This is not the end, but a springboard to continue developing resources, discussions and communities in the theme area.

If you have a theme you would like to suggest get in touch.


November 2016 We have created this page on mesh to summarise all of the funding schemes we could find that could be used for community engagement in low- and middle- income countries.

Evaluation Month 

July 2016 Over the month of July 2016 Mesh hosted a Community Engagement Evaluation Month adding to the site dozens of case studies, guides, reports and articles on how to manage evaluation of a community engagement project. The evaluation page was developed throughout Evaluation Month - and afterwards - to give a bigger picture of how evaluation theory, evaluation methods and community engagement practice in its various forms link together. 

Epidemic preparedness & response

February 2019 There is consensus amongst those with experience of working during an epidemic outbreak, that public and community engagement should be central to any humanitarian or biomedical research response programme in these times. This theme brings together key resources related to engagement before, during and after an epidemic and offer justification for, and practical tips and guidance on engagement in an epidemic situation.

To browse resources in particular categories visit the resources page. This provides a way to navigate resources on Mesh but has been curated to a lesser extent than the themes.