During July 2016 Mesh hosted an Evaluating Community Engagement month adding to the site dozens of case studies, guides, reports and articles on how to manage monitoring and evaluation of community engagement work. This area gives a big picture of how evaluation theory, evaluation methods and community engagement practice in its various forms link together


This page gives a summary of many of the journals that currently publish papers related to community or public engagement with health research

Epidemic Preparedness & Response

Public and community engagement can be central to any humanitarian or biomedical research response to an epidemic outbreak. This theme brings together key resources related to engagement before, during and after an epidemic. Many of these materials offer a justification for, and practical tips and guidance on, engagement in an epidemic situation

School Engagement

This growing theme area on Mesh brings together project reports, reflections and guideance on the wide range of interactions between health researchers and local school teachers and their students across the world

Engagement with Vaccine Studies

This theme area was created following a Mesh workshop exploring engagement in vaccine research and development held in Autumn 2020. It approaches the topic by examining the role and nature of trust, the value and challenge of collaboration, ways we can listen to public and communities, and finally how we can support strong engagement practice

Connectors in Engagement

This theme explores interdisciplinary collaboration in engagement with health research. It addresses the key role that engagement professionals, creatives, community groups and other organisations play in bridging the gap between research and communities. It will share discussions and resources around the role of these 'Connectors' and build a supportive network

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