This hub showcases the engagement projects that have been supported through the DELTAS Africa CPE Seed Fund

The Developing Excellence in Leadership, Training and Science in Africa (DELTAS Africa) is a US$100 million programme supporting the Africa-led development of world-class researchers and scientific leaders in Africa. DELTAS Africa’s goal is to produce researchers with the capacity to publish and lead locally relevant and high-quality research to impact health science, policy and practice in Africa. This new generation of scientists will play a major part in shaping and driving a locally relevant health research agenda in Africa, contributing to improved health and development on the continent.

As part of this vision, a 3-year community and public engagement (CPE) strategy has ensured CPE is included in grant applications and that capacity strengthening for CPE is given to lead institutions within each research consortium. The team have also created a CPE Seed Fund to support up to 50 DELTAS Africa doctoral and postdoctoral trainees to undertake innovative engagement projects aligned to their research projects. Find out more about the CPE seed funding scheme objectives.


Scrutinized: Harnessing adolescence advocacy to end TB

The Sciback-skit programme: Engaging young people as malaria ambassadors

The Silent Plague: raising awareness of antibiotic-induced hearing loss

The Sickle Cell Heroes Comic Book: the patient’s perspective

Gown and Town: Increasing retention of high school students to improve adolescent health

Science-2-Society: Raising future leaders in high schools
South Africa

Creative Arts and Social Inclusion: Engaging communities on substance misuse and HIV


Gender Equity in Science

The projects below were supported as part of a themed funding round focussed on engagement work that seeks to explore and support gender equity in research.

Women in Science:
A mentorship program to inspire young women and girls


PowerPack of SuperScientists: reframing gendered narratives to empower female scientists
South Africa






COVID-19 ‘Infodemic’

The projects below were supported as part of a themed funding round that encouraged key intuitions to explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated explosion of information, both accurate and inaccurate, on communities.

COVID-19: Where art and science meet
South Africa






More projects coming soon!

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CPE Seed Fund objectives

  • To enable the DELTAS Africa programmes to build engagement capacity of their researchers and programmes
  • To pilot programmes of activity to promote societal impact of DELTAS Africa research and move towards people-centred approaches
  • To run a themed round on gender equality in science: building on a strategy to support implementation of engagement activities that contribute to the gender equity agenda
  • To support key institutions to explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated 'infodemic' on communities

The CPE team measure the success of the scheme using an Outcomes Framework which looks at impact through a number of indicators in each area. Areas of focus include participant attitudes and knowledge, project uptake and impact, and the awardee's own CPE attitudes and knowledge. Download the DELTAS Africa CPE Seed Fund Outcomes Framework [Excel, 20KB]

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Photos | Top: 1) Gown and Town, Image: Hstyle Pictures, Nigeria 2) Women in Science Mentorship Programme, Image: Thoko Chikondi 3) Creative Arts and Social Inclusion, Image: iTAP Media, Zimbabwe