This area brings together reflections on engagement from across key collaborative research programmes, consortia or large networks. The resources here have been curated into 'Programme Hubs' which hightlight engagement work happening across multiple projects, locations and research areas. These Hubs aim to gather learning, encourage collaboration and showcase the diversity of engagement within each programme. 

If you are part of a large research programme or network and would like to give visability to the variety of engagement work it includes please get in touch.

H3Africa Consortium

The Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Consortium is a pan-African network which seeks to develop capacity for health-related genomic research in Africa. H3Africa has identified community engagement as one of the key issues that need to be addressed to support the successful implementation of genomic studies in Africa. More coming soon!

Realist Review of Community Engagement

REAL – Realist Review of Community Engagement is looking at evidence around community and public engagement with global health research. The review aims to explore how and why engagement works to improve health research and to promote ethical research practice. The work is supported by the Wellcome Trust, UK, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya and Emory University, USA. Learn more here

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