A step-by-step guide to using and enjoying the site

Step 1:  Register as a member

  • Mesh membership is free and will allow you to author articles and be part of discussion groups. Once you have signed up, you will be a member of the Global Health Network community and have access to a range of resources and activities.

Step 2:  Add yourself to the Mesh world map and find collaborators near you

  • Complete the form to add yourself to our global Community of Practice map. You can also find information about other Mesh members and potential collaborators in your region.

Step 3:  Browse the Resources

  • Search the all the resources on Mesh by filtering the table or by keyword search.
  • You will find project reports and reflections from innovative engagement projects, guidelines and tools, links to published literature, as well as webinar recordings, podcasts and more. All resources are categorised by engagement approach or method, health or research area, and region and country.
  • Discover our Theme areas with curated resources on key topics in the field including Evaluation, School Engagement and Engagement with Vaccine Research.
  • Explore the Programme hubs which share work happening across collaborative research programmes, consortia or large networks

Step 4:  Discover Events and Training opportunies

  • Find materials from past events and workshops, as well as information on upcoming activities. Explore our lists of online courses, training and professional development.

Step 5:  Add your own resources, articles and materials

  • Mesh is shaped and led by its users. Please share your learning, case studies, materials and news with thousands of users around the world. First read the guide on submitting materials and then get in touch.

We hope our enjoy using Mesh! If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the team at mesh@tghn.org