This guide explains how you can add content to Mesh

Types of resources you can share:

  • Project reports or informal reflections on your engagement projects
  • Guidelines or tools that you have found useful when planning, implementing or evaluating engagement work
  • Published literature including formal reports and academic articles
  • Any other materials, recordings or learning from the field

We like audio-visual resources as well as written. To submit a resource please read the guidance below and then email us:

Our remit

Our definition of community engagement is broad and includes most work that is looking to bridge the gap between health research and the public. We are supportive of work that seeks to open science and research to communities and to bring new perspectives to enhance research.

Whilst much of the work shared on Mesh has taken place in low- and middle-income countries, we feel there is great potential for learning across the globe. If the content or resource you would like to share has learning relevant to low-resource contexts, please do submit it to us.

Submitting a Project Report

We like project reports that discuss the challenges and learning rather than those that are promotional in tone. We encourage you to be open and honest in order to best support our field of work. We like to photos, images and videos in our project reports.

If you would like to author a project report on Mesh please use this template [PDF] as a guide.

Other Types of Resources

We are also keen to host or link to any guidelines, toolkits, meeting reports and published literature (including academic articles) that you think would be useful to Mesh users. Please get in touch with suggestions:

Permissions, Images and Videos

Permissions: Provide credit information (name, company or URL) and confirmation that you have permission to share any text, images and video content freely online. Your resource will be shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (which is the same as the standard YouTube license. See Licensing below).

Images and Video: Provide any image files (jpeg or tiff). We like to include logos, photos, graphics and images where possible. Provide a link to any videos from your project on YouTube or Vimeo and we can embed them on the page. Please provide a caption and the credit information (name, company or URL) for each video/image.

Links and PDFs: Provide links to the host website of the resource, your organisation's website and any other useful links to further information. If you have a PDFs, Word documents or other files related to the project that you would like to embed on your resource page please email them to us. Ensure you have permission to share them freely online.


In order to ensure that resources on Mesh can be shared in a way that acknowledges their original source, our default licensing for all resources is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (find out more here). The license will be added to the web page on which your resource is hosted in the following format: 

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Important: Before submitting any materials, please ensure that this license is appropriate to your content and that you own or have permission to use and share all material included in your resource.

If you require a different licensing type then please inform us and we will be happy to include it as an alternative.

We look forward to hearing from you!