We believe that all knowledge has value even if generated in different ways, from academic research to learning through experience. As such, Mesh includes a diverse range resources spanning different knowledge types. To make it easier to find what you are looking for we have created different ways to browse through these:

Published Literature

A collection of open access literature published in peer reviewed journals and books available to search by category, region and science topic.

Project Reports and Reflections

A set of informal project reports written by or in collaboration with Mesh users which can also be browsed by category, region or science topic.

Practical Guides and Tools

Practical guides to delivering or evaluating engagement activities to browse by category, region or science topic.

All Resources

If you don't know what kind of resource might be useful to you you can use this page to search by category, region or science topic and find a list of every type of resource under that heading.

Our base of resources is built through reccomendations by partners and users of Mesh so if you have a resource to suggest, or are interested in having a informal project report about your own work or that of a colleague visit the Add Resources to Mesh page.