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Taking it to the Next Level: How can we generate leadership and develop practice in engagement?

Vietnam, 9-11 October 2018

This year's Wellcome international engagement workshop focused on how the field of engagement can be developed through strong leadership and evolving capacity. The workshop explored different strategies, roles and types of leadership within engagement and looked at the successes and challenges faced by the international engagement network.


Evaluating Community Engagement: Workshop

Nairobi, Kenya, 9-10 March 2017

This workshop aimed to move forward the debates surrounding evaluation by drawing on practical experiences of conducting and documenting how evaluation of CE/PE across diverse settings is conducted, and reflecting on the theoretical and conceptual frameworks used.

It’s Complicated: Navigating scientific complexity in public and community engagement

Monday 6 – Wednesday 8 March 2017

This workshop explored the theme of complexity in modern science and the challenges it raises when designing activities to engage the public with health research. What are the best ways of making a complicated topic accessible, but not over-simplified, and what role does language, metaphor and participation play in the process?


Ethics and Politics of Community Engagement in Global Health Research

Oxford, UK

20-21 September 2016

This workshop explored the political and social dimensions of engagement activities in global health research by interrogating the everyday politics and practices of engagement.

The Art of Health: Exploring creative engagement with health research

Mumbai, India

Tuesday 9 - Thursday 11 February 2016

This Wellcome Trust International Engagement workshop explored the use of creative and artistic methods in engaging communities with science and health research.


Global Food Matters: An appetite for engaging with research

Gaborone, Botswana

Tuesday 24 - Thursday 26 February 2015

This workshop explored public and community engagement with health research using the Wellcome Trust's fifth challenge area of ‘Connecting the environment, nutrition and health' as a starting point for discussion.