Image: Attendees of the 2018 Wellcome International Engagement Workshop | Minh Tan

Taking it to the Next Level: How can we generate leadership and develop practice in engagement?



The 7th Wellcome International Engagement Workshop took place from 9th-11th October 2018 in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. It was built on recognition that the field of public and community engagement (CPE) is constantly evolving. Strong leadership and greater capacity is required for CPE to reach its full potential and engage as many diverse communities and individuals with science as possible. The workshop brought together key practitioners, leaders and stakeholders from across Africa and Asia to examine and explore the different strategies, roles and types of leadership within engagement, as well as the success and challenges faced by the international engagement network.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • to explore what capacity in engagement means and how it can be developed to improve practice and create strong leadership in engagement
  • to explore the elements of different engagement strategies
  • to develop the international engagement network and foster collaboration, and explore how this can be done between meetings 

The workshop addressed key questions including, ‘what makes a great leader in engagement?’, ‘what does the field of CPE require to grow?’, ‘what networks, systems and approaches already exist to help develop CPE leadership?’, and ‘what kinds of capacities are important for engagement?’.

Delegates included representatives from organisations such as Carers Worldwide, the Zimbabwe National Association for Mental Health, UNICEF, Wellcome’s Africa and Asia programmes, and universities, among others.

The Pre-Reading page brings together a collection of materials that discuss and address the themes of the workshop (capacity building and leadership) as well as other topics addressed during sessions at the workshop (such as Human Infection Studies).

Download a PDF of the full Mesh report here.








Download a PDF of the agenda with links to presentations here

A further report has been commissioned to position the workshop themes as catalysts for future discussion amongst a broader set of stakeholders. In particular, the aim is that this report can be used to start, and feed into, conversations around supporting engagement at a variety of levels and across organisations. 

Download a PDF of the report: Strengthening community and public engagement in global health: Report from Wellcome’s 2018 International Engagement Workshop, May 2019

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