The field of community and public engagement (CPE) is rapidly growing and changing. CPE covers a wide range of activities, and different actors in the field may have different perceptions of what CPE means and involves. It's therefore important to look at the whole landscape of CPE and understand where your own activities fit in. At the 2018 Wellcome International Engagement Workshop, a number of speakers and group discussions focused on mapping and analysing this landscape, as well as ideas and strategies on how the field can continue to grow.

Image: Attendees at the 2018 Wellcome International Engagement Workshop | Minh Tan

Click below to read about the presentations and discussions on the topic of the CPE landscape at the workshop.

Developing the field of community and public engagement Understanding public perceptions of science: The Wellcome Global Monitor
 Bridging the public-policy divide  Minimum standards and indicators in engagement


The content on this page forms part of the online report for the 2018 International Engagement Workshop “Taking it to the Next Level: How can we generate leadership and develop practice in engagement?". To learn more about the workshop, access the rest of the report and browse the video presentations, discussion summaries, and tools, visit the workshop page 

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