Nairobi, Kenya, 9-10 March 2017

Workshop Objectives

Evaluating community and public engagement (CE/PE) is complex. It involves considering the goals of the evaluation, the methods to use, what the outcomes are, the impact and how to measure it, whose perspectives are considered, and the extent of the generalisability of the findings. This complexity has led to substantial debate around the best way forward in evaluating CE/PE activity.

This workshop aimed to move forward the debates surrounding evaluation by drawing on practical experiences of conducting and documenting how evaluation of CE/PE across diverse settings is conducted, and reflecting on the theoretical and conceptual frameworks used.

The workshop was aimed at an advanced level, with focus on how evaluation is being undertaken across the Wellcome Trust Major Oversees Programmes, and other programmes, and not on the more basic elements such as what evaluation is and why evaluate. The overall goal was to explore approaches, methods, frameworks and theories used to evaluate CE/PE across diverse settings and contexts and reflect on the usefulness of these approaches in strengthening CE/PE practices by:

1. Sharing experiences and critically reflecting on the diverse approaches used to evaluate CE/PE activities and programmes including goals of evaluation, theories and methodologies used, and how findings feed into implementation of CE and policies.

2. Exploring the challenges that are faced with evaluation and how these are being addressed including methodology, interpretation of findings, generalisability, and uptake of findings.

3. Starting to build an evidence base of the effectiveness of CE/PE across different contexts (through publications of the work presented), and to build a community of practice.

Further Reading

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Browse the Mesh evaluation map for a detailed guide to approaches and methods of evaluating engagement.

A suite of new resources emerging from this workshop will be available soon.