Wellcome Trust International Engagement Workshop
Sawela Lodges, Naivasha, Kenya

Monday 6 – Wednesday 8 March 2017



This workshop explored the theme of complexity in modern science and the challenges it raises when engaging communities with health research.

What are the best ways of making a complicated topic accessible, but not over-simplified, and what role does language, metaphor and participation play in the process?

Many important health studies span multiple countries and involve specialists and technologies from different disciplines, is it reasonable or realistic for anyone outside of science to understand the full complexity and societal implications of this work? And is it possible to encourage open and balanced exploration of complicated and fundamental science, such as genetics and genomics, among groups with little experience engaging with health research? 

These were the questions that the group of biomedical researchers, public and community engagement practitioners, social scientists and others from across Africa and Asia explored to help navigating through the complexity. 

“Thanks to this workshop I am now thinking outside the box, it has been very useful” – Evelyn Namubiru-Mwaura, Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa, Kenya.

Caption: Visual representation of the 2017 Wellcome Trust International Engagement Workshop created by graphic facilitator Eleanor Beer.

Caption: Imran Khan, Head of Public Engagement at Wellcome, summarises the workshop.

Workshop Themes

Introduction to Engagement

Visualisation and Metaphor

Schools Engagement and Hands on Science

Narrative and Storytelling

Cultural and Social Complexity

Engaging Communities with Genetics and Genomics

Download a 16-page Introduction to the Workshop Themes [PDF 2151 KB]


Download the Agenda with links to Presentations [PDF 253 KB]

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