Acting Healthy was an awareness raising theatre project, which took place in rural parts of the Vadodara district of Gujaratto, India. According to government statistics, infant and maternal mortality rates in this region were some of the highest in the state. The project therefore aimed to stimulate thinking about the issues of maternal and Infant mortality based research findings from Chhota Udepur, Gujarat. . The play was developed by the N.G.O 'Darpana for Development' and was supported by a medical team from Bhasha Academy. 

The Tribal Academy in Tejgadh, Chhota Udaipur, helped identify health local workers who might be interested in performing, and received a seven-day street theatre workshop. The team delivered over 30 performances in total. 

To attract villagers to attend the performances, the team played a local form of music called Timli, loudly on the speakers interspersing these with an invitation to the show. They also went from house to house to drum up their audience. Performances were well attended especially by women.   

 Caption: Film showing activities within the villages


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