Arting Health for Impact is an international, collaborative public engagement partnership between Botswana (Infers Group PTY Ltd), South Africa (Interfer PTY Ltd) and India (Wellcome-DBT India Alliance - an affiliation between the Wellcome Trust and the Indian Government’s Department of Biotechnology).

The project used co-creation methods that allowed all partners - artists, health scientists, civil society groups, policy makers and media, to interact and share their respective knowledge. The output of this co-creation was culturally relevant street art installations focused on community-specific public health concerns. 

The socio-economic similarities as well as the cultural differences between the three countries provided a fascinating platform for a collaboration, paving the way for comparative studies on street art as a public engagement tool in developing nations. The project ran simultaneously in all partner countries, providing invaluable insight into how cross-country public engagement collaborations can work. The hope is that it will initiate other projects, including further cross-country collaborations.


Published report                                                                                         Learnings on best practices for communication and engagement in  
                                                                                                                 cross-border health/art collaborations

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Arting Health for Impact: India (Mental Health and the food system and its impact on human and environmental health)

Images by: Nabeel Petersen and Khwezi Nsibande


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