The Angkor Hospital for Children’s (AHC) Young Persons Advisory Group are a group of young Cambodians (aged 10 – 15 years) who meet monthly to discuss important operational and research issues arising from the AHC management. The mission of the group is to give young people a voice in their healthcare provision and research that is conducted within AHC.

Caption: This video introduces the Young Persons Advisory Group and the role they play. Credit: Angkor Hospital for Children

Topics that have been discussed by the group to date, include:

  • Is the hospital patient friendly?
  • How can the hospital become more patient friendly?
  • Are patients happy with the care they receive at AHC?

Activities have included:

  • An inspection of the hospital
  • Helping patients enjoy international children’s day
  • Developing and delivering a patient satisfaction survey

Future areas for the group to explore include:

  • Conducting research at AHC
  • Developing a patient information leaflet

The group is run in collaboration with AHC and the Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit. The organiser is Ms Sreymom Pol, a research assistant working for COMRU. The group is funded by the charity Not Pointless and the Wellcome Trust.

If you wish to learn more about the project you can contact Claudia Turner, Chief Executive Officer of Angkor Hospital for Children and Senior Research Paediatrician at Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit.

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