This report from Hilo Consultants Ltd outlines the key themes arising from a workshop session held in October 2020 which sought to look at ways of supporting strong practice in engagement within clinical trials.

The workshop session was supported through the Good Clinical Trials Collaborative (GCTC), a joint collaboration from Gates Foundation, Wellcome and the African Academy of Science. It was the last session of a four day Mesh workshop exploring community and public engagement with vaccine research.

The report identifies and unpacks four key themes that emerged from the discussions:

  • The value of engagement in clinical trials
  • The (complex) state of engagement in clinical trials
  • What good engagement looks like in clinical trials
  • How to support good engagement in clinical trials

The authors summarise the advice, suggestions and number of recommendations given by workshop participants within each of these theme. The report ends by underlining future opportunities to continue to support strong practice in the field.

Download the report [PDF] HERE


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