This report from DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance, published in May 2021, reports on the findings from an online survey they conducted with their grantees at the end of 2020. The findings will be used to allow the team to better support the public engagement activities of India Alliance grantees.


The survey aimed to:

  • Assess understanding of, participation in, and attitude of India Alliance Fellows/Grantees towards public engagement with research
  • Identify the enablers, challenges, and barriers to public engagement for India Alliance Fellows/Grantees
  • Understand the specific needs (training/capacity-building, funding, etc.) and develop recommendations for India Alliance as well as for the Indian scientific ecosystem

The findings of the survey have now been published and also include a set of recommendations to improve support for public engagement in India's research ecosystem. The team hope this survey will help build a robust evidence set to inform and develop thinking and practice around public engagement with science in India.

More on the survey and the report can be found HERE

Download the full report [PDF] HERE

Report Authors: Sarah Iqbal (PhD)* and Banya Kar (PhD), Communications and Public Engagement Team,
DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance

*This author no longer works at India Alliance and can be contacted via the office

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


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