India is at the forefront of the global epidemic of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) with 58,000 newborns dying each year due to infections caused by resistant superbugs. Superheroes Against Superbugs (SaS) is a public engagement project that aims to raise public awareness and improve public understanding of antibiotic resistant-infections in India, and to build a society of smart antibiotic users.

The SaS pilot programme engaged 13-14 year old school children in Hyderabad and empowered them by providing them with knowledge of the issues in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Workshops were held in schools and students participated in various interactive hands on activities designed around microbes, infections, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions to scientists and doctors and the students produced comics to narrate their own stories and to further engage with their peers, teachers, parents and community.

This unique and novel programme has been built around the premise that young minds, "our superheroes", are capable of influencing behaviours around them and bringing about transformative change when equipped with the right information and tools.

The project was recently recognised at the Call to Action on AMR 2018 as a pioneering initiative and was highlighted by the World Health Organisation during the World Antibiotic Awareness week 2018.

ReAct: Action on Antibiotic Resistance has recently featured the project as one of their 'Examples from the Field'. Read the case study here. [ReAct is an independent network dedicated to the problem of antibiotic resistance. It is a global catalyst, advocating and stimulating for global engagement on antibiotic resistance through a broad range of collaborations.]

Read the Superheroes Against Superbugs full report.


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