BetterEvaluation is an international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory. It includes information on a wide range of evaluation approaches, tools and evaluation themes. Themes such as assessment in particular sectors, or on cross-cutting issues such as complexity or gender.

It also has useful resources for planning an evaluation. The ‘Rainbow’ framework guides the reader through a series of key questions to systematically look at all the issues involved when planning an evaluation. The webpage provides links to different methods and an in depth introduction to using the guides so some may find it easier to navigate that the guides below.

Caption: Diagram from the Rainbow Guide. Credit: BetterEvaluation.

Download the Rainbow Guide Summary

Download the Full Rainbow Guide

More guides to evaluating engagement can be found in the Mesh Guides to Evaluating Engagement resources category.To see how this resource fits in with the rest of Mesh's evaluation resources, and to learn how to navigate them, visit the Mesh evaluation page

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