The GPP training tools can be used by anyone who wishes to conduct a training or to provide an overview of the GPP guidelines to a secondary audience. Users of training tools will most likely be research site staff members or HIV prevention research advocates.

GPP Online Training Course
Through interactive modules, the course familiarizes learners with the guidelines and helps apply practices to their contexts. Course participants also engage with each other through online discussion forums covering real-world, real-time research engagement issues.

GPP Overview PowerPoint presentation
This presentation provides a standard overview of the second edition of the GPP guidelines. It outlines the history of GPP development, provides a detailed description of the structure and contents of the GPP guidelines, and details issues around GPP implementation. The presentation may be used or adapted for a wide variety of audiences and settings.

GPP Training Curriculum
The training curriculum can be used by research staff members and advocates to introduce and build capacity on the GPP guidelines with a variety of audiences in a workshop setting. The curriculum contains individual, participatory training sessions that can be organized into several types of trainings. A full overview of the training curriculum can be found here.

Three types of suggested GPP trainings:

Introductory GPP Training: Half-day workshop providing a basic overview

Standard GPP Training: Day-and-a-half workshop, providing an overview as well as more in-depth capacity building exercises

Advanced GPP Training: Two-day workshop, providing an overview, in-depth capacity building, and preparation for participants to conduct GPP training and outreach in the future

Find out more about the GPP Online Training Course HERE

Find out more about the GPP Training Tools HERE


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