This edition of the Health Exchange published in 2010 presents nine articles from a variety of projects funded through the Wellcome Trust’s international engagement grant scheme. The case studies presented explore efforts to promote two-way interaction between global health research and the worlds of public and policy.



Projects presented demonstrate a spectrum of degrees of engagement with research.
With projects such as:

A schools education programme; Bilharzia: why the drama? A drama  workshops with schools in Uganda that tackle notions around waterborne disease (bilharzia) and explore power dynamics within communities in rural Tanzania.

A project which speaks of the importance of civil society involvement in research with indigenous communities: Civil society engagement in health research.

And finally, the powerful story of Indigenous people in Suriname fighting to assert their rights in the face of heavy metal pollution from the government backed mining industry. They do this by conducting community led epidemiological research with the support of research scientists and so not only challenging political powers but also the traditional scientific approach, in which scientific experts research upon a non-scientific community.

The array of articles illustrate the many different approaches that might be used to bridge the research community with the general public, community groups, and civil society organisations in low to middle income countries (LMIC). They are clearly written in accessible language and could be valuable to stimulate ideas for researchers, engagement practitioners as well as front line health workers.

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