Informal science education (ISE) refers to learning about STEM topics outside of a formal classroonm setting. People of all ages learn science in a huge, and increasingly, varied ways. The informal science field refers to experiences and settings such as film and broadcast media, science centres, zoos, gardens and an ever-increasing number of environments.

Informal STEM learning is supported by evidence based research. Informal acts as an information centre for project, research and evaluation resources to support and connect the informal science community. The resources of the website are provided by The Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE).

Resources available:

  • Projects relating to engaging public audiences in informal STEM learning. 
  • Research materials on areas relating to informal science, e.g. education research reports, conference proceedings. 
  • Evaluation reports looking at project impacts and findings. 

You can search the collection directly or browse categories on the website. Registered members can upload resources, become listed as potential collaborators and connect to a network STEM based professionals in the informal science field.

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