The Wellcome Trust’s Science Education Tracker is a survey of young people’s attitudes toward, and experiences of, science education and careers in England.

In 2016, Wellcome surveyed >4,000 students in school  years 10 -13 (ages 15 to 18) in state-funded schools across England. The findings of this survey informed multiple reports, including this onelooking at young people’s views on science education.

The report (from February 2017) is designed to provide evidence on a range of key indicators for science engagement, education, and career aspirations among young people in England and may make for an interesting comparison for those working in other countries.  

Image: The Wellcome Trust

The report explores six key themes: science outside the classroom, science at school, practical science, science at GCSE, science at year 12 and beyond, and science as a career. Through an exploration of these key themes, the report aims to understand more about young people’s experience and views, including:

  • what they are studying;
  • what their future plans are;
  • their experience of science at school and college;
  • any science activities they take part in outside of school;
  • and their interest in and understanding of medical research and other science topics.

The results have informed what Wellcome does in policy, education, and public engagement.


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