This web-based toolkit developed by Eva Schiffer acts as a tookit and guide to participatory methods for collectively visualising and analysing networks for planning and evaluation purposes.

It offers an accessible and hands on way to develop network processes for network based approaches to evaluation without the need to understand some of the technical vocabulary of social network analysis.

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More resources on Evaluating Relationships and Networks can be found in the Mesh Evaluating Relationships and Networks resources category.To see how this resource fits in with the rest of Mesh's evaluation resources, and to learn how to navigate them, visit the Mesh evaluation page

This resource was developed by Robin Vincent as part of supporting the Wellcome Trust linked community of practice on evaluation of public and community engagement and was originally hosted on the eMOPs website.

Creative Commons License

This work, unless stated otherwise, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


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