This practical guide was developed through a collaborative process of public engagement led by TDR Global. This practical guide provides tools, open-access resources and advice for researchers, especially those living in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).  

21st March 2022 • comment

This article, published with a creative commons licence on the LSE Impact Blog, suggests a more comprehensive and balanced approach for the evaluation of public engagement, drawing on evaluation criteria commonly used in aid evaluation.

5th September 2019 • comment

Building ecosystems for sustainable engagement projects

by Abraham Mamela, Mesh Editorial Team
12th February 2019 • comment

The original manual to Outcome Mapping produced by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

28th July 2016 • comment

This annotated bibliography is a useful tool for those looking to analyse and visualise networks as a way to evaluate community engagement projects.

18th July 2016 • comment

A tookit and guide to participatory methods for collectively visualising and analysing networks for planning and evaluation purposes.

18th July 2016 • comment

A Mesh introduction to network based approaches to evaluation which focus on changes in relationships and networks as a key outcome of interest.

18th July 2016 • comment

Outcome Mapping - A Mesh Introduction

by Mesh Editorial Team

Outcome Mapping is a planning, monitoring and evaluation approach that is particularly helpful for evaluating multi-stakeholder projects. It seeks to assess the contribution of a project to changes in the relationships and behaviour of those it comes into direct contact with and has influence over. This page gives a brief introduction to the 'Outcome Mapping' evaluation approach, with links to the Outcome Mapping manual, the Outcome Mapping Learning community, some introductory presentations and videos, and case studies.

1st July 2016 • comment