GPP Strengths and Gaps is a facilitator’s guide for an exercise that is designed to help evaluate GPP implementation at a site level. It can be used with community and trial participants to garner honest feedback and constructive suggestions for improvements. 

19th May 2021 • comment

The AVAC Stakeholder Interview Questions is a tool that is designed for trial site staff. It guides members of the research team through the process of conducting a one-on-one interview with a stakeholder. The tool provides guidance for talking with many different types of stakeholders. It can be used to evaluate the impact of stakeholder engagement efforts.

19th May 2021 • comment

AVAC has developed a large set of supplementary tools to help research teams and other stakeholders understand, implement, and monitor the GPP guidelines. The monitoring and evaluation tools consist of a set of data collection tools for community and stakeholder engagement activities.

18th May 2021 • comment

This user friendly set of quantitative and qualitative monitoring and evaluation tools allows users to capture, collate and analyze Community and Stakeholder Engagement (CSE) data at the clinical trial site-level. The database is designed to support engagement teams working on clinical trials on a daily, monthly, quarterly and biannual basis.

6th December 2016 • comment