This webinar held in May 2022 on the REAL Community Engagement Realist Review shared some fascinating findings which give more conceptual clarity around how community engagement works in practice. It highlighted some key relationships and power dynamics at the heart of engagement work.

26th April 2022 • comment

This resource from the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam shares their Science Theatre work and evaluation. The piece results from a presentation given at the March 2017 Mesh Evaluation workshop. For more information and links to other resources that emerged from the workshop (which will be built upon over time) visit the workshop page.  

14th October 2017 • comment

In this article Sassy Molyneux, a participant of the Mesh evaluating engagement workshop (March 2017), reflects on the learning from the workshop, focusing on points useful for health policy and systems researchers with an interest in gender and ethics.

27th March 2017 • comment

A participant reflection on the Mesh Evaluating Community Engagement Workshop (March 2017) which aimed to move forward the debates surrounding evaluation by drawing on practical experiences. 

23rd March 2017 • comment

Introduction to a realist evaluation discussion list for those working with realist evaluation. Realist Evaluation can be a valuable tool to evaluate community engagement projects.

26th July 2016 • comment

Introduction to two influential introductory texts on Realist Evaluation: Realistic Evaluation and The Science of Evaluation: a realist manifesto. Realist evaluation can be used to effectively evaluate community engagement activities.

26th July 2016 • comment

An Introduction to Realist Evaluation, a valuable method for addressing the complexity of social programmes.

1st July 2016 • comment