Realistic Evaluation (London: Sage,1997) is an influential introductory text written by Ray Pawson and Nick Tilley. It gives a critique of existing evaluation practice and covers the basic principles and approach of realist evaluation, including for realist interviews. It also outlines the potential for evaluation to support cumulative learning.

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The Science of Evaluation: a realist manifesto (London: Sage, 2013), also by Ray Pawson, makes the case for a ‘science’ of evaluation that can build a coherent body of learning and evidence on social programmes. It summarises the key principles of ‘critical realism’ that underpin the method.

The book includes a critical review of a range of recent published realist evaluations to sharpen the methodological debate and improve practice (also available as a paper) and a detailed account of an application of the method to inform policy on banning smoking in cars carrying children.

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