This article by Abraham Mamela, an engagement specialist based in Botswana, outlines the need for developing inclusive and sustainable ecosystems in Africa through investment into social cohesion and highlights the importance of inclusion, diversity and networks in project value chains. He also outlines various stages of how an ecosystem can organically emerge from projects.

15th February 2022 • comment

This webinar held in December 2021 explored the role of community engagement within the process of applying research to changes in health policy and practice, focusing on maternal and child health. 

11th January 2022 • comment

Bridging the public-policy divide

by Mesh Editorial Team
15th February 2019 • comment

On the 15th May, the John Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted Clade X, a pandemic tabletop exercise. The exercise was designed to illustrate high-level strategic decisions and policies needed to prevent a severe pandemic or diminish its consequences should prevent fail. The exercise was streamed live and can still be accessed through this article. 

16th May 2018 • comment

Case study of a project run by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine which enabled adolescents in Zimbabwe to capture their stories and the stories of others living with HIV.

11th April 2016 • comment