The Vaidya’s Oath project was developed by Jagriti Theatre; a performance arts space in Karnataka, India.


Key to the project is a full length play, recently performed from 11 to 13 March in Jagriti, which explores antimicrobial resistance. Through its development and performances the piece engages audiences, a playwright, a director, actors and a technical team with the science and research into antimicrobial resistance.

Caption: The Vaidya's Oath performance

The project ensured engagement with its audience through a post-show interaction and received positive feedback from audiences.

Caption: Feedback from audiences of The Vaidya's Oath performance

Schools' Project

Alongside the professional performances a schools' project engaged children aged 13 to 16 across five schools. These students in turn engaged their peers and parents, a professional theatre space, director and actors of The Vaidya’s Oath by creating twelve scripts inspired by antimicrobial resistance research.

Caption: Schools project as part of The Vaidyas Oath project

The students took part in a workshop to learn about biomedical and scientific information as well as dramatic approaches. They then created a script for a piece between five and ten minutes long which was performed in an interactive session with the director and actors of The Vaidya’s Oath in an open rehearsal.

Further information can be found on the Jagriti Theatre website and the artistic director discusses the project here.

This resource came out of the 2016 Wellcome Trust The Art of Health: exploring creative engagement with health Research workshop. Visit the workshop page on Mesh for more resources like this plus information on the workshop and its outcomes.


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