Today the workshop was split into two major parts, the Open Space session and the Capacity Building Platforms discussion.
Open Space key outcomes
For this session, there was discussion on a number of topics:

  • Minimum standards in community engagement

  • What are the critical things to include in minimum standards? How do we break through silos? What can we learn from PE research?

  • Participatory visual methods

  • How to deal with complicated issues such as ethics, consent, transferring complex medical issues?

  • Promoting disabled voices in engagement and arts

  • What prevents disabled voices joining in with engagement?

  • Bridging the public/policy divide

  • How do we ensure we don’t work in isolation?

  • Career paths in engagement

  • What competencies are required in a PE professional? Should there be PE qualifications?

  • Schools engagement

  • How do we increase access to research amongst school students?

  • How do we create sustainable engagement projects?

  • How do you evaluate outcomes without spending too much?

Capacity Building Platforms
The Wellcome Global Health monitor will soon be featured on Mesh. Otherwise, what more could be on Mesh? What would be helpful to you? We are currently developing new pages on training opportunities, epidemic preparedness and other key themes.
Others offering help in this area are:

Let us know if you have any reflections on these topics tomorrow!


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