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Connectors Workshops

This group is for continuing the discussion, sharing relevant links and materials and meeting others from the Connectors 2021 series of workshops. Sign up to Mesh to join the group


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Please add any relevant links to projects, guides, materials etc that you think would be of interest to other delegates.

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Engagement at a Distance

In September 2020 Mesh hosted an interactive webinar exploring the possibilities for community engagement with health research when we cannot meet in person. What does it take to develop meaningful and valuable experiences online? What are the important lessons we have all learnt about engagement during the COVID-19 crisis? This group is to support continuing discussion on this topic and to allow for sharing of resources, ideas and projects. Selected unanswered questions from the webinar will also be addressed here


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Hi, I'm working on a project with De Montfort University, about the challenge of public health communications during the pandemic. I'm hoping to bring together practitioners and advocates of community health and ...

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NIHR Global Health CEI Advisory Network (closed group)

The NIHR Global Health Community Engagement & Involvement Advisory Network brings together academics, researchers, patients, carers and members of the public with knowledge and experience of public involvement in research and community engagement in low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs). This discussion group covers topics and ideas that have been raised in the Network's virtual meetings, as well as providing a place for sharing relevant CEI resources with one another.

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Engagement with vaccine research (closed group)

This discussion area is for delegates attending the "Trusting, Collaborating and Listening - Engaging Public and Communities with Vaccine Studies" workshop in September and October 2020. Please share your resources, documents and links. Any outstanding questions from the sessions will also be addressed here.

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Workshop on Community Consent for Gene Drive Research in Africa (Closed Group)

Target Malaria and the Kenya Medical Research Institute have convened this workshop to examine issues related to consent and community acceptance in the development of gene drive technologies in African contexts. It is intended to provide direction and recommendations to Target Malaria as it enters its next phase of work. The workshop will not discuss stakeholder engagement in general terms, or reduce engagement to acceptance, but will instead seek to tease out what is meant by consent and acceptance, what practices, requirements and standards could be drawn upon by Target Malaria to ensure decisions are informed and meaningful, and what is the responsibility and role of researchers in this process. PLEASE SEE THE "CONTEXT & INTRODUCTION" TOPIC FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PARTICIPATE.

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Introduce Yourself to the Mesh Network

This group has been created to allow group members to introduce themselves. Please use this group for any social chat, general questions and to describe what it is that you would most like to get out of this site, and from the network as a whole. 


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Connecting and collaborating with the Industry and Academicians in Public Engagement Projects that will help people in the third world countries.

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Minimum Standards for Engagement Consultation Group

**PLEASE NOTE THIS CONSULTATION HAS NOW CLOSED** UNICEF Communication for Development is seeking comment on draft documents outlining proposed minimum standards for community engagement and indicators for measurement for development and humanitarian practice. The ‘Development of Minimum Quality Standards and Indicators for Community Engagement Project’ emerges from a growing consensus on the need for improved evaluation and measurement of the impacts of community engagement, particularly in the wake of lessons learned during the 2014 – 16 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. Through a wide-ranging consultative process, and building on current practice and evidence, UNICEF is currently developing a framework for community engagement that will support implementation of high quality, evidence-based community engagement in the development and humanitarian sector. Click the topic below to take part. The consultation will close on 17th December 2018. Please note, you will have to be a member of Mesh to join this consultation - click 'register' at the top of this page to join.

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Working in Vaccine Hesitant Communities

A space to share experiences, literature and resources around working in communities where there is vaccine hesitancy. Join if you have something to share, are doing similar work or have questions around the issue.


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A discussion on vaccine hesitancy and the role of engagment in tackling this issuie within commuinites.

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FNIH and McMaster University Stakeholder Engagement Workshop (Closed Group)

The purpose of this space is to collect and discuss experiences and case studies relevant to stakeholder engagement for projects carrying out research on novel vector control methods. These discussions will feed into the process of outlining best practice principles for stakeholder engagement, which will be drafted at a workshop taking place in April of this year.

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'Newsletter Provocations'

 Newsletter Provocations  Newsletter Provocations Monthly discussions based on a resource shared on Mesh this month Join our discussion and share your thoughts. Whether you are an engagement practitioner or researcher or have other relevant experience we welcome your input. Please feel free to site any relevant projects or publications and we may include these in a future feature.


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In the article 'Evaluating public communication of science and technology: The case of the Ebola virus' the author found that religious institutions and actors could play three kinds or role in relation ...

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