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We have set this group up, and this specific topic, to ask you to tell us who you are and what you would like to get out of Mesh.

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do, where and why you do it and how Mesh could be a valuable tool for you.


  • ganpearly Pearl Gan May 15, 2016

    Connecting and collaborating with the Industry and Academicians in Public Engagement Projects that will help people in the third world countries.

  • georgiabladon Georgia Bladon May 17, 2016

    Thanks Pearl. Have you tried the Find Collaborators map:

    Its a good place to find people working near you or in areas of interest and if you add yourself they can find you too.

  • patriciakistenmacher Patricia Kistenmacher May 19, 2016

    To offer contact with Latin America.

    To offer participatory methodologies to foster community participation, improve decision-making processes and participatory project evaluation.

  • nmumba Noni Mumba May 24, 2016

    Been mostly a health communicator. Came into research/science engagement/communication about 3 years ago. Working with the KEMRI WT Research Programme in Kenya. Seeking to share our experiences, and learn from others. Perhaps develop some well evaluated best practices in engagement?

  • carolngara CAROLYNE NGARA June 8, 2016

    I describe myself as a Journalist, a Linguist and an Anthropological Researcher with research experience in Endangered Languages and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa. I am also the Co-Founder of The Enduring Voices Foundation (EVF), a non-profit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya that conducts research, training and advocacy on Indigenous peoples’ rights, endangered languages, extinct cultures, health and development issues in coordination with indigenous communities in Kenya and across sub Saharan Africa.
    I am particularly interested in raising awareness of dangers of outdated cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Sex For Fish, TER/Wife Inheritance, Samburu Girl-Child-Beading and Underage Child Bride by providing a platform and Infrastructural means through which Indigenous communities can engage with a multi-disciplinary team of Gynaecologists, Medical Researchers, Urologists, Anthropologists and other Stakeholders in open
    Public Health Research and Social Anthropological forums and debates.
    I am interested in applied in partnering with Researchers engaging communities in: -Public Health Research,
    -Engaged/Public Anthropological Research;
    -Socio-cultural and Ethnographic Research,
    -Indigenous People's Reproductive Health Rights Research;
    -Engaged Activism.
    - Collaborative Research,
    Information sharing and Dissemination of Research findings among multidisciplinary and diverse Research teams.

  • georgiabladon Georgia Bladon June 16, 2016

    Hi All. As the coordinator of Mesh I wanted to thank you for sharing your work with us.

    Noni, your point about creating well evaluated best practices in engagement is a good one. We have a selection of good practice guides on the site but if you know of others let me know and I can add them to share with the mesh community. I'd also be interested to hear whether there are other roles Mesh could play in achieving this.

    Corolyne, yours sounds like work that others in the community would be very interested in hearing more about. Do you have, or would you be interested in producing, case studies of some of your work to share evaluation, successes and challenges in what you do? I would be happy to help you with this and find a place for them on Mesh. Email me if you are interested:

  • jignesh jignesh patel Aug. 29, 2017

    I describe myself as a communicator, and artist and an activist. We use arts to bring social change. I head the department at the prestigious arts academy in India, DARPANA academy of performing arts. We at Darpana develop innovative ways to communicate the health issues. We have worked with many national and international organisations like UNICEF, Mc Arthur Foundation, USAID, John Hopkins University Center for Communication Program and many more. We now feel that we must reach out of India to those who believe in arts and its potential for behavior change.

  • jignesh jignesh patel Aug. 29, 2017

    Here are some of the youtube links of our recent projects using arts for health communication

    Killi Anandachi – 2015 – Maharashtra

    Naari Ki Chaupaal – Ahmedabad

    Chabi Khushiyon Ki - 2011 – Jharkhand

    Majama Chho!( Are you well!) - 2009/10 - Chhotaudepur and Ahmedabad

  • saggett Sian Sept. 3, 2017

    Thanks Jignesh,
    Some inspiring work there.
    Best Wishes

  • chuchugbs Abdi Gebissa Sept. 10, 2017

    2001 to 2005.
    And I have several training on Basic Computer Knowledge Skill, Public Health Emergency Managements, Malaria Indicator Survey and HIV care and treatment Updates Training for Health Program Managers. Now I am so very interested to improve my education level at your institution.
    Yours truly,

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