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This discussions is a forum for Mesh members to post evaluation questions, either general or specific to their project, as part of Mesh's July 2016 Evaluation Month.

What evaluation challenges do you face? What do you want to know about evaluation?

Post your questions throughout July so that others in the Mesh community can share insights and resources and at the end of July we will collate your questions and, for those that haven't been answered, find the right people to answer them!



  • phaikyeong Phaik Yeong Cheah 29 Jun 2016

    Hello colleagues, we have just started a science drama project on malaria elimination in rural Cambodia and working out an evaluation strategy. We are thinking of using some quantitative questionnaires and qualitative interviews. Can you share some key performance indicators? (pun unintended!)

  • robvconsult Robin Vincent 29 Jun 2016

    Hi Phaikyeong, this sounds like an interesting project. Can I ask what the science drama is aiming at and which aspects of it you are aiming to assess? Are you looking at people's changing knowledge of Malaria transmission? Or are you looking at how the drama engages communities to share their own insights, perceptions and issues around Malaria (which may throw up things outside the initial understanding of malaria elimination)? Or something else? I suppose it is your own evaluation questions that will provide the key to the kind of indicators to use...

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