This series of pre-recorded panel discussions in 2020 form part of EBODAC's virtual event exploring acceptance and uptake of new Ebola vaccines. They include sessions on 'Trust & Community Engagement' as well as 'Rumour Management'.

Watch them HERE

The EBODAC project (Ebola Vaccine Deployment, Acceptance and Compliance) is developing strategies and tools to promote the acceptance and uptake of new Ebola vaccines, to help the right person receive the right vaccine at the right time.

EBODAC is important because the successful development and deployment of an Ebola vaccine is faced with many challenges, especially when working in resource limited settings.

The project is supporting clinical trials of Ebola vaccines in Sierra Leone, while simultaneously preparing for the future deployment of a licensed vaccine through a series of linked projects focused on communications, community engagement, and enabling technologies.

Supporting Ebola vaccine trials in Sierra Leone

EBODAC communications and engagement strategies and tools are being used to support Ebola vaccine trials, while building capacity in Sierra Leone to use these resources in the future

  • Developing and implementing a Community Engagement Strategy to build awareness and trust, and mechanisms to rapidly respond to any concerns or rumours related to the vaccine trials.
  • Developing and implementing identification tools to ensure the right volunteer receives the right dose of vaccine at the right time.
  • Implementing mobile phone technology to ensure widespread and timely reach in rural settings and that clinical trial participants remain engaged throughout the study and attend clinic visits

All components of the EBODAC platform are designed and developed to allow rapid and efficient scale-up should there be a need to deploy a licensed vaccine.


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