This resource presents a list of useful websites and discussion forums on evaluation.

The Monitoring and Evaluation News website

This website includes extensive resources on a range of evaluation methods including network evaluation approaches, story based approaches like Most Significant Change and ways of aggregating and visualising qualitative data. It also hosts a number of discussion lists, has regular news and updates on key evaluation issues, current literature, and evaluation related training and events. It focuses on methods of monitoring and evaluation in the international development sector but has much to offer the evaluation of engagement.

Keystone accountability website

A range of practical and useful monitoring and evaluation tools, guides, reports and presentations with an emphasis on including the voices of beneficiaries and other constituencies. Includes a guide and templates for developing a Theory of Change.

My M&E website

Interactive website hosting a range of discussion forums, an e-learning programme (including webinars and videos), and a large virtual library of evaluation related materials. It is focused on strengthening country-led monitoring and evaluation systems and networking and learning among evaluation practitioners (supported by various UN partners, international organisations and Foundations) but includes a range of resources useful for evaluation in other contexts.


A platform for evidence based learning and communication for social change with lively discussion of evaluation issues – many of which focus on the challenge of addressing complexity - in the arena of development and communication for social change.

M and E News email list 

A discussion forum of the Monitoring and evaluation News website with a large international membership from the international development sector. Wide-ranging discussions – many focused on practical evaluation challenges which attract helpful responses - and discussion of evaluation trends and current debates.

Gender and Evaluation Community

An online community ‘ning’ started in 2013 focused on gender and evaluation. It aims to support gender sensitive approaches to evaluation. An initiative of the Institute of Social Studies Trust in New Delhi.

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This resource was developed by Robin Vincent as part of supporting the Wellcome Trust linked community of practice on evaluation of public and community engagement and was originally hosted on the eMOPs website.

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