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Who are you and what do you want from Mesh?

Abdi Gebissa commented:

2001 to 2005. And I have several training on Basic Computer Knowledge Skill, Public Health Emergency Managements, Malaria Indicator Survey and HIV care and treatment Updates Training for Health Program Managers. Now ...

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Who are you and what do you want from Mesh?

Sian commented:

Thanks Jignesh, Some inspiring work there. Best Wishes Sian

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Engagement and belief

started by Sian

In the article 'Evaluating public communication of science and technology: The case of the Ebola virus' the author found that religious institutions and actors could play three kinds or role in relation ...

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Why conduct ethics review of social research? A defence on grounds of human flourishing

A growing body of literature has taken issue with research ethics governance in the social sciences. In response, Mark Sheehan, ...

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What has the Honduras regional faculty been up to? "Lots" is the answer! Activities and outcomes of Autumn 2017

It's been a busy few months for the Honduras regional faculty for REDe and Global Health Trials. The team have ...

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Announcement of Training Program for Latin America (FLACSO)

We are seeking the new trainees for next year (2018) for our FLACSO-Fogarty Training Program to come to Buenos Aires ...

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Emerging Global Leader Award - International Research Career Development Award

Fogarty Emerging Global Leader Award Status: Accepting applications   Program Overview The Fogarty Emerging Global Leader Award aims to provide ...

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Mobility Grant West African Research Association — Travel Grant Program 2017

  The WARC Travel Grant program promotes intra-African cooperation and exchange among researchers and institutions by providing support to African ...

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